Academic program: «7M02111 – Composition» 

(scientific-pedagogical magistracy) 




1) Foreign language test (optional English, German, French); 

2) Тest to determine learning readiness (optional in Kazakh or Russian). 





Creative exam in specialty includes listening of original works of applicants and a colloquium. 

Works should be of different genres, forms, for different performing compositions and presented in the form of claviers, scores, live performance or recording. 



Colloquium reveals the general cultural level of applicants, their aesthetic views, knowledge of the art of music, knowledge of the main stages and patterns of music history development, knowledge of literature in their specialty, music terminology, understanding of the content, form and stylistic features of the performed works.  



The maximum number of points for creative examination in specialty is 35 points. The minimum score is 9 points. 

·         27-35 points (excellent) 

The applicant must show bright musical abilities, sense of style, musical erudition, excellent possession of the technique of composer writing. 

·         17-26 points (good) 

The applicant's works are original, stylistically convincing. But at the same time he does not demonstrate technical freedom, the works do not differ in variety and quality. 

·         9-16 points (satisfactorily) 

Poor understanding of the style and content of the compositions, insufficient knowledge of the means of musical expression (melody, rhythm, harmony, texture, etc.). 

·         0-8 points (unsatisfactorily) 

Lack of compositional logic, poor mastery of compositional techniques, ignorance of the basics of shaping, inconsistency of the program with the required level for admission.  



Requirements for the abstract: 

1.     The subject and content of the abstract should correspond to the profile of the specialty. 

2.     The abstract is performed in Kazakh or Russian languages. 

3.     The volume of the abstract – not less than 15 pages. 

4.     Information that must be reflected in the abstract: 

·         relevance and novelty of the topic; 

·         formulation of the object, subject, purpose and tasks of the work; 

·         analysis of recent publications and research, the unsolved part of the problem; 

·         expected result, practical significance of the research; 

·         a list of sources used with an indication of the output (name, place and year of publication, number of pages). 

5.     Citation material of the abstract is drawn up in accordance with the standards of scientific works (footnotes indicating the literary source, page numbers are required). 

6.     Quote material should not exceed 20% of the total text of the abstract. 

7.     Note examples (if any) are printed as an attachment to the abstract and are not included in the main page of the text of the abstract. 

8.     The text should be printed at a single interval. Fields: right – 10 mm., left – 30 mm., upper and lower – 20 mm. Page numbering is continuous. Page number is placed on the right at the bottom of the page. 


Abstract defense also includes possible issues on the theory, history of music, musical folklore or methods of teaching special subjects related to the chosen research topic. 



The maximum number of points for creative examination in abstract defense is 35 points. The minimum score is 9 points. 

·         27-35 points (excellent) 

The applicant must present an actual problem, demonstrate sufficient erudition, analytical thinking, proficiency in a scientific apparatus, a vision of ways to solve the problem. 

·         17-26 points (good) 

The applicant formulates the aim and objectives well, logically outlines the main provisions of the study. But at the same time the applicant demonstrates an insufficient knowledge level of the problems of the theory, history and methodology of the issue under consideration. 

·         9-16 points (satisfactorily) 

Poor understanding of the research problem, insufficient knowledge of written scientific presentation, insufficient validity of the relevance of the work. 

·         0-8 points (unsatisfactorily) 

The lack of practical significance of the research, a small amount (10 or less pages), poor knowledge of the scientific apparatus, the discrepancy between the topics and the specialty profile. 




1.     The applicant needs to make an audio and a score of his original composition. Audio should be in common audio formats, like MP3. And the score must be in PDF format.  

2.     The letter, included audio and score materials send to the secretary of entrance exams, +77075602056 WhatsApp, not later than 15.07.2020 

3.     The name of the audio files and the PDF files should contain name of the applicant and a title of the work.   


For all questions regarding the entrance exams specializing in Composition, feel free to contact Nuridin Nurassyl, via WhatsApp: +7 (707) 560-20-56 or via e-mail: