Raushan Shindaulova







             Academic Title:

Associate Professor (Higher Attestation Commission)

            Academic Degree:

·           Doctor of Philosophy (09.00.10 – Philosophy of Education);

·           Candidate of Pedagogy (PhD) in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation

                 Name of the major and code as stated in the higher  education diploma:

0216 – Law

17.00.02 – Music Science

1. EDUCATION/ QUALIFICATION (year, country, educational establishment):



 Almaty State Conservatory after Kurmangazy, History and Theory Faculty



 Kazakh State Law Academy



 Moscow, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR), scientific internship under the “Bolashak” International Program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan



 Moscow, PFUR, intramural doctoral studies under the speciality code: 13.00.01 – Common Pedagogy



 M.P. Dragomanov National Pedagogical University (M.P. Dragomanov NPU), intramural doctoral studies under speciality code: 033 – Philosoophy   




                                                                 Title, Rewards and Premiums




Honorary Certificate to the 60th anniversary of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory (KNC)

 Kurmangazy KNC



State License for Advocacy

 Committee for Registration Service and Legal Aid Assistance of the Ministry of Justice of the RK



Winner of the Bolashak International Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

 Center for International Programs JSC



Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education (IAPO)




Honored Worker of Science and Education of the RANH

Russian Academy of Natural History (certificate No. 01330 dated 27.02.2012)



Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural History (RANH)




Medal of VI. Vernadsky




Honorary Certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK




Anniversary Medal of the M.P. Dragomanov National Pedagogical University.

M.P. Dragomanov NPU



Anniversary Medal for 75the Anniversary of the Kurmangazy KNC

Kurmangazy KNC



 Letter of Recognition for the introduction of the foundations of entrepreneurship into the educational process in pursuance of the Roadmap of the Year of Youth, approved by the Resolution of the Government of the RK dated January 30, 2019 No. 27

NCE “Atameken”



3. WORK EXPERIENCE (year, month, entity, title):


 Teacher of piano at a сhildren’s school of music


 Full-time study and graduation from Kurmangazy Alma-Ata State Conservatory (ASC)


 Trainee researcher at the Kurmangazy ASC


 Senior Lector of the Music Theory and History Department at the Al-Farabi Shymkent Pedagogical Institute of Culture


 Senior Lector of the Music Theory and History Department at the M. Auezov South Kazakhstan Humanitarian University


 Associate Professor of the General Legal Disciplines Department at the Shymkent branch of the Kazakh State Law University


 Since 1999, to date – the Associate Professor of Social Humanitarian Disciplines at the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory


4. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (practices, trainings, seminars, courses)

2007 – -2008

Almaty City Bar Association, internship



Seminar-trainings on topical issues of differential psychology. – Moscow. PFUR



Seminar on methodological training of the future music teachers by PhD, prof. E.B. Abdullin. – Moscow. MSPU.



International Forum "Education in the Regional Socio-Cultural Space" Yekaterinburg, Russia, Institute for Educational Development


01. 2017

Methodological seminar on "Actual Issues of Worldview Training in the System of Higher Education", Doctor of Philosophy, prof. D.B. Sviridenko, Ukraine, Kiev, M.P. Dragomanov NPU


Professional development course “Musical Psychology and Psychology of the Musical Education”, 72 h. Certificate No. 0116 Registration No. 116. The Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University



Online seminar "Information Tools for Authors of Scientific Publications", Clarivate Analytics. Moscow, Russia, Certificate N 0342



English courses. Level: Pre-Intermediate. Kazakhstan, Lingua House, certificate



Professional development course “Methods of supporting the learning with textbooks translated under the project "Ruhani Zhangyru”, 72 h. Certificate



Professional development course “Developing professional competencies of a lecturer of the “Foundations of entrepreneurship” Course” 80 h, 09.09.2019 – 26.11.2019. Certificate No. 000418. Nur-Sultan. Organizers: MES RK, NCE RK “Atameken” (in pursuance of the Roadmap of the Year of Youth, approved by the Resolution of the Government of the RK dated January 30, 2019 No. 27)



Professional development course on digital literacy “Online learning: opportunities and practical applications” 72 h. Certificate Registration No. 312-2020ПК. Kurmangazy KNC


 2000 – 2010 – permanent reviewer and opponent of the D.14.16.09 Specialized Council for Defending Theses for the Degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences at the Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University;

 Since 2010 to date, Kazakhstan representative in the International Philosophical and Cosmological Society (IFCO), a permanent member of the editorial board of the IFCO circulations: “Future human image” and “Philosophy and Cosmology”;

 Kazakhstan representative member to the editorial board of the international journal “Educational Discourse: Collection of Scientific Papers" (Ukraine, Kiev) URL

 Since 2012 to date, the Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural History, Moscow, Russia;

 Since 2012 to date, the Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education, Moscow, Russia.

Have over 100 scientific publications

6. PUBLICATIONS (foreign and local):


                  Publication Name

                                                                                  Edition Name

ISBN, location, year





Publications of Scientific Articles, Sections, Chapters in Monographs:


Noohumanistic worldview training of a music teacher.

 Monograph – 482 p.

Almaty: publisher LLP "Polygraphy-Service and Co", 2010.


Conceptual basis for the formation of the noohumanistic worldview in a student

 Monograph – 348 p.

Almaty: publisher LLP "Polygraphy-Service and Co", 2012.


Noohumanistic worldview: from philosophical theory to educational practice

 Monograph – 324 p.

Kiev: publisher M.P. Dragomanov NPU, 2016


Noosphere-anthropological (noohumanistic) aspect of the methodological analysis of the "worldview culture" concept within the philosophy of education

Journal "Philosophy and Cosmology": scientific-theoretical. col. / ch. ed. O. A. Bazaluk / IFCO - Poltava Literator, 2010. – vol. 1(8). – 298 p. – p. 243-252. . URL:

Kiev, Ukraine




Noohumanistic worldview and its phenomenological essence

Caspian region: politics, economics, culture. Scientific journal. – N 1, p. 191-197
Astrakhan, 2012.
6 The pedagogical concept of the formation of the noohumanistically-oriented worldview Electronic scientific journal "National Association of Scientists" - N 6 (11). – part. 1. – p. 81-84/ URL: Yekaterinburg, 2015.
7 Noohumanistic worldview training – a benchmark in modern philosophy of education Taganrog Institute after A.P. Chekhov. - 714 p. - p. 172-179 Taganrog, 2017.  
 8 Philosophic foundations of the noohumanism “Virtus”, N 46.
Publisher: СPM «ASF» (Canada, Montreal)
(ISSN 2410-4388),
SIS, CiteFactor, IIJIF, GoogleScholar, ResearchBib, SJIFactor, DRJI
                                                                                                              Educational manuals and books:

1 Elementary theory of music: manual (in Kazakh) Alma-Ata, the Republican Scientific and Methodical Cabinet (RSMC) Alma-Ata, 1993. – publ. RSMC -128 p.
2 Concepts of modern natural science: manual for university students in the field of: humanities and arts Almaty: “Lawyer” publishing house Almaty, 2003. – 133 p.
3 Ecology: methodical manual for university students in the field of: humanities and arts Almaty, publisher Polygraphy-Service and Co LLP Almaty, 2007. − 286 p.
                                                                                                           Methodological manuals and materials:

1 Exemplary curriculum for "Concepts of Modern Natural Science", 6N0106 – Music Education (Baccalaureate). Exemplary curricula for higher educational institutions of the RK. Astana: Order No. 541 dated 10.07.2002 Kazakhstan
Astana: publ. MES RK, 2002. – 36 p.

 №                          Publication Name                                       Periodical’s name, ISBN, location, year  Publications in reviewed journals  CCES MES RK, HAC RF
 Scopus     Impact
1 Features of the noohumanistic worldview within the modern noospheric paradigm Bulletin of Karagandy University. "History. Philosoophy“ Series. – Karagandy, 2016. – No. 4 (84) - p.141-145     CCES
2 Noohumanistic aspect of the methodological analysis of the "worldview culture" concept within the philosophy of education “Ulagat” Journal («Heritage»): annex to int. scientific-ped. journal of the MES RK "Higher School of Kazakhstan". – Almaty, 2010. – No. 1. – p. 37-46.     CCES
3 Noohumanistic approach to education and upbringing as a modern methodological orientation "Kazakhstan Mektebi" (Kazakhstan School). – Almaty, 2013. – No. 2 – p. 29-32     CCES
4 Formation of the noohumanistic worldview as a new paradigmatic trend in pedagogy – No. 10 (13). – p. 112-121. European Social Science Journal.     Riga-Moscow: Intern. Research Institute "Science", 2011
5 Musicological aspect of the formation of the noohumanistic worldview culture in the future music teacher - Moscow, 2011. – No. 3. – p. 53-57. Journal “Initiatives of the XXI century.     HAC RF
6 Conceptual foundations of the "noohumanistic worldview culture of the future music teacher" Bulletin of the Moscow State University. Regional University (MGRU). "Psychological Sciences" Ser. – Moscow, 2011. – No. 3. – p. 124-129.
ISSN 2072-8514, ISSN (Online) 2310-7235
    HAC RF
7 The metaprinciple of harmony as the methodological regulator in the formation of the noohumanistic worldview Journal “the Bulletin of the ”Academy of Law and Management”. – M., 2012. – vol. 28. – p. 232-237.     HAC RF
8 Noohumanism in modern philosophy: philosophical and comparative analysis Humanitarian Bulletin of the Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy - issue 66 – Zaporizhia, 2016. – p. 144-149. URL:
    HAC Ukraine
9 Noohumanistic worldview: philosophical substantiation of essential characteristics Філософські обрії: Scien.-theor. Journal Institute of Philosophy after G.S. Skovoroda of the NAS of Ukraine, Poltava. Nat. Ped. Univ after V.G. Korolenok. – Issue 35. − К.; Poltava, 2016. – 228 p. p. 140-149. › j-pdf › FiloFilo_2016_35_17     HAC Ukraine
10 Philosophical foundations of noohumanistic pedagogy as the strategy for the development of higher education in the globalization era Гілея: науковий вісник. Collection of Scientific Papers Ch. Ed. V.M. Vashkevich. − К.: «Видавництво «Гілея», 2016. – Issue 109(6).   – 404 p. – p. 283-286.     HAC Ukraine
11 Noohumanistic worldview culture as the methodological problem of the philosophy of education Науково-практичний журнал «Актуальні проблеми філософіï та соціологіï». – Одеса: Національний університет «Одеська юридична академія», 2016.   No. 12. – p. 153-157.     HAC Ukraine
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    HAC Ukraine




                                                            Name of the conference

        Name of the organization




Pedagogical conditions for the formation of the noohumanistically-oriented worldview // Coll. articles of international. scientific and practical conf. "Modern concepts of science development", Kurgan). – Ufa: АЭТЕРНА, 2016. – in 3 parts. – Part 2 – 208 p. – p. 160-165. . URL:





Categorical framework of the noohumanism as the educational strategy /Философия як культурна політика сучасності («Философия как культурная политика современности». Abstracts of the IV All-Ukrainian Science Conference. Ostrog. – 45-47 p.) URL:

 MES Ukraine





Noohumanistic worldview training - a benchmark in modern philosophy of education // col. papers. of int. scientific-practical conf. "Music and Art Education in the Modern World: Traditions and Innovations" / Scientific. Ed. T.I. Karnaukhova - Taganrog: Publ. house Taganrog. Institute after A.P. Chekhov, 2017.– 714 p. - p. 172-179. URL:

 A.P. Chekhov Taganrog Institute of the FSBEI of Higher Education "Rostov State University of Economy (RSUE)“




Noohumanistic Philosophy / Science. Education. Practice: proceedings of the International University Sciense Forum. – 45-51 p. DOI 10.34660/INF.2020.69.60.005 ISBN 978-5-905695-44-5

 Infinitiy Publishing




Philosophic aspects of the noohumanism /«Process Management and Scientific Developments» (Birmingham)

 Infinitiy Publishing

 United Kingdom




 Range of scientific interests includes the issues of worldview and outlook, spiritual training based on the new paradigmatic trend in the XXI c. philosophy of education – the Noohumanism, the latter adequately responds to the modern challenges. Methodological metaprinciple of Harmony underlying the Noohumanism fully responds to the peculiarities of thinking and artistic experience of the musician students, and further may serve as spiritual and outlook reference point in their professional lives. In this regard it is being more crucial to work out these issues across many sciences of philosophical, psycho-pedagogical, culturological, musicological character.



I know foreign languages □                          I do not know foreign languages □

If any:



 Mark the level (√)    

 Marks in IELTS/TOEFL etc.

as per certificate


















 Academic writing




Own professional pedagogical competencies in the field of teaching in the following specialties:

- Philosophy (DPhil.), two full-time doctoral studies in Moscow, Kiev;

- Jurisprudence (diploma of the Kazakh State. Jur. Academy, licensed attorney);

- Pedagogy (Ph.D. RK and RF), PhD thesis topic is related to musical pedagogy. Have 10 years of experience in reviewing and opposing candidates dissertations in pedagogy);

- Musicology (diploma of the Kurmangazy KNC), and also am entitled and experienced;

- To read the course ““Foundations of entrepreneurship” (certificate of MES RK and National Chamber of Enterpreneurs RK “Atameken”, 2019).