Artagaliyev Ilyas

      Nationality: Kazakhstan

      Contact information:    
      Phone number8-747-317-15-51


      Position: Teacher


The name of specialty: «Vocal art».


2004-2010  –  started studying lyrical art with Professor Abilov S. K. at the Kazakh National Conservatory in Almaty and graduated therefrom with excellence.

2010-2012  – pursued his studies at the Academy of Lyrical Art named after Renata Tebaldi Mario del Monaco in Pesaro, Italy, where he also graduated with excellence.

2012-2015 – studied under Professor E. Dundekova and Professor G. Monachesi at the Academy of Lyrical Art of the Conservatory named after G. Rossini where he obtained his Master’s Degree with a final score of 100/110.


2013 – Belcanto Italiano 2013-Diploma di “Miglior voce e speranza del Belcanto Italiano” Warszawa giugno 2013 Punteggio 8.5/10

2014 – 11o Concorso Internazionale Musicale “Citta’ di Pesaro” 22-25 aprile 2014 punteggio 83/100

2015 – Sesto Concorso Internazionale di canto lirico “Luciano Neroni” 21-24 ottobre 2015 Citta’ di Ripatransone Premio Speciale “Luciano Neroni” per il miglior basso (for the best Bass-voice)

– XI International Competition “Kazakh Romansiada” Special Prize: “For the brilliant voice”

– International Competition “Vissi d’Arte” Czeck Republic (III Prize).


Ilyas Artagaliyev presently works at the National Theatre in Almaty where he performs in leading roles. Besides, he also regularly gives concerts and takes part in artistic events.