Center of Contemporary Music

The first Center of Contemporary Music in Kazakhstan was founded on the basis of the Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy in 2013. At that time the head of the CCM was the composer Aktoty Raimkulova. Three years later, in 2016, the center was headed by composer Sanjar Baiterekov.

The activities of the CCM are conducted in the following areas:

1. Concerts of the first and the only one ensemble of contemporary music "Eegeru" in Kazakhstan and beyond 

2. Festival of Contemporary Music "Nauryz-21" 

3. Creative meetings with composers, artists and directors

4. Club of young composers 

5. Viewing, analysis of operas, ballets of contemporary composers

6. Master-classes of contemporary composers and performers 

Of the most striking events of recent years, it can be noted:

- the visit of the Russian composer, Professor of Moscow State Conservatory V. Tarnopolsky (March 2017);

- creative meeting for the 70th anniversary of the composer, teacher of the KNC named after Kurmangazy, a member of the Union of Composers of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vladimir Strigotsky-Pak;

- viewing and analysis of the opera by H. Lakhenman "The Girl with the Matches". 

In April 2018, the VII International Festival of Contemporary Music "Nauryz-21" was held in Almaty. Its guests were world-famous composers Tristan Murrail and Klaus Lang, flutist Mario Caroli, ensembles "Nikel" and "Eegeru". In addition to concerts and master classes, musicologists Tatyana Yakovleva and Raushan Dzhumaniyazova delivered lectures as part of the festival.

The activity of the CCM is actively covered in the media: