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Research Folklore Laboratory Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory

The Folklore Research Laboratory of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory is one of the largest centers in the history of Kazakhstan for the collection, preservation, study and promotion of traditional music of the Kazakh and other peoples. For more than 60-year history of its existence – since 1958. to date, a unique archive of sound recordings has been created in the laboratory and advanced research in the field of traditional music has been conducted under the guidance of leading Kazakh scientists–folklorists and ethnomusicologists                      (B. Erzakovich, A. Temirbekova, H. Zhuzbasov, B. Karakulov, S. Elemanova, etc.).

Currently, the management of the activities of the RFL is carried out by the Master of Art History, PhD doctor Babizhan Baglan Zholdaskyzy.

The funds of the folklore research laboratory were formed as a result of field (expedition) research conducted since 1958 by the Conservatory in various regions of Kazakhstan. As part of the internship, students of the specialty "Musicology" under the guidance of laboratory staff have worked and continue to work in folklore expeditions, the purpose of which is related to the comprehensive study of musical traditions. During the expeditions, sound and video recordings of song, instrumental, and epic works are carried out.

The main activities of the RFL are:

· storage, replenishment of the Conservatory's sound recordings fund with samples of traditional and modern music of the Kazakh and other peoples;

· collection and recording of musical samples and information about them during field expedition work and in stationary conditions;

· processing, digitization, systematization, cataloging and decryption of records;

· conducting scientific research in the field of traditional and modern music;

· teaching students the basics of research work with folklore materials;

The scientific program of the laboratory, in addition to expedition work, includes the preparation of publications of materials, the implementation of theoretical research, as well as various seminars, conferences, concerts.

The laboratory's work plans include the creation of a music archive, including background information about performers and regions. The project is related to the digitization and restoration of folklore records of the RFL KNC.Kurmangazy in order to preserve the sound heritage of the country and provide access to phono archives to everyone.

The plans of the folklore research laboratory include the development and maintenance of communication with educational institutions, institutions, the provision of scientific and methodological assistance in the preparation of programs and activities in the field of preservation and promotion of musical culture traditions, educational programs for educational institutions, in conducting expeditions, festivals, cultural events.

The activity of the laboratory should contribute to the development of national musical folklore, the study of the richest instrumental and vocal heritage of musical folklore of the people of Kazakhstan.