Urazymbetov Damir

International Department

Tel.: +7 (727) 338-44-83;


The main activities of the international department are:

- Correspondence with foreign universities, foundations, associations and other organizations on issues of international cooperation.

- Correspondence with international organizations, agencies on the accreditation procedure of educational programs.

- Keeping records of the secondment of students and teachers of the Conservatory traveling abroad as part of academic mobility.

- Preparation of draft cooperation agreements, protocols of intentions, contracts with foreign educational institutions, organizations and companies in coordination with the management of the conservatory.

- Accounting of contracts and cooperation agreements, protocols of intent, incoming and outgoing correspondence, control of their implementation.

- Providing consulting assistance in the preparation of the relevant documents of students and teaching staff in accordance with the established procedure within the framework of academic mobility.

- Organization and holding of competitions for students within the Conservatory for short-term study within the framework of academic mobility.

- Creation and maintenance of a database on international, Kazakhstani foundations that contribute to the foreign assignment of teachers, staff, doctoral students, undergraduates and students of the Conservatory.

- Advising students and faculty of the Conservatory on the preparation of applications, forms, and other documents for participation in international-level programs (if necessary).

- Study of experience in the field of international cooperation of other universities (including foreign ones), enterprises and organizations and preparation of proposals for improving the external relations of the Conservatory.