The Quality Management Department

Head of Quality Management Department - Sarymsakova Almagul

The Quality Management Department (QMD) was established within the structure of the Conservatory in 2022.


Office: 008 (Building B)

The main tasks of the QMD are:

• Coordination of work on the development and implementation of the quality management system at the Conservatory, support for the integrity of the quality management system (QMS);

• Participation in the organization and conduct of procedures for external assessment of the Conservatory's quality management system compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015;

• Organization of training of the Conservatory staff on quality management issues;

• Organization and conduct of internal audits of the quality of education, provision of educational services;

• Informing the university administration about the results of monitoring and quality control of education in order to plan work to improve the quality of education;

• Monitoring the implementation of indicative indicators of the strategic plan for the development of the Conservatory;

• The sector conducts normative control of all internal normative documents developed by structural subdivisions.

• Participation in scheduled and unscheduled inspections/questionnaires of the structural divisions of the conservatory in agreement with the supervising vice-rector;

• Implementation of timely collection of action plans of the Conservatory and control over the implementation of the action plan for the implementation of the development strategy of the Conservatory by structural divisions, faculties, departments for the academic year;

• Providing reports to the management of the Conservatory on the functioning of the quality management system and measures to improve it.