Department of Art Management

The Department of Art Management of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory is the leading one in Kazakhstan in training specialists in the field of the music industry. The department develops and implements unique educational programs based on modern technologies and practices to provide the arts and arts market with competitive personnel.

The department trains specialists in educational programs of bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies. The educational process is in close connection with innovative concert and entertainment organizations and venues of the republic, as well as in cooperation with domestic and foreign scientists and practitioners, which allows the teaching staff and students to remain on the wave with the challenges and requirements of the modern art market. The training of masters and doctors of philosophy (PhD) is aimed at the professionalization of art managers in the field of scientific, methodological, research work and management activities.

Art management is a synthesis of various types of sciences and practices in the field of economics, management, marketing, art history, cultural studies. Therefore, the faculty of the department is represented by a wide range of specialists who, constantly improving their skills, remain in demand in the art market. Combining practical activities with scientific and methodological work, they share their rich professional experience with undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. Among them:

Head of the Department, PhD in Arts (Music), Senior Lecturer Sagatbek Kaliyev,

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Gulnara Baimakhambetova,

PhD in Pedagogy, Professor Evfrat Mambekov,

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Gaukhar Zhanibekova,

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Raushan Malayeva,

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Sholpan Shalbayeva,

PhD in Arts (Cinema), Associate Professor Aidyn Sakhaman,

PhD in Arts, Associate Professor Damir Urazymbetov,

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Zhadyra Kinasheva,

PhD in Arts, Senior Lecturer Аigerim Ospanova,

MA, Senior Lecturer Dinara Keshubayeva,

MEcon, Lecturer Alina Idrissova.

The activity of the department involves a multi-stage professional orientation:

Career guidance is aimed at applicants through holding Open Days, professional consultations of teachers, public projects, seminars and conferences, and through communication in social networks (Instagram, Telegram, YouTube);

Academic work is associated with the educational process and various types of practices, including through cooperation with Conservatory’s Service for the organization of concert activities; concert and creative organizations. Students participate in various events of the city, republican and international scale;

Research work is aimed at the active participation of students of all levels of education in competitions and scientific projects—- publications, round tables and conferences — of national and international importance in accordance with the strategy (development program) of the university;

Practical and methodological work is focused on the formation of professional competencies among future graduates — qualified specialists — through the implementation of research, concert design and final (diploma and MA and PhD thesis’s) works on the recommendations of employers.


Sagatbek Kaliyev – head of the Department, PhD in Arts (Music), senior lecturer

Gulnara Baymukhambetova – doctor of economic sciences, professor  

Evfrat Mambekov – PhD in Pedagogy, рrofessor

Gaukhar Zhanibekova – PhD in economics, associate professor

Raushan Malayeva – PhD in economics, associate professor

Aidyn Sahaman – PhD in arts (cinema), associate professor

Kinasheva Zhadyra Bolatovna – PhD in economics, docent

Urazymbetov Damir D.  –  PhD (Arts), associate Professor

Aigerim Ospanova – PhD doctor

Dinara Keshubayeva – MA, senior lecturer

Alina Idrisova – MEcon, lecturer