Department of Special Piano

The history of the Department

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The creative face of the piano Department was influenced by the outstanding piano schools - the Moscow state Conservatory Tchaikovsky and the St. Petersburg state Conservatory after named Rimsky-Korsakov.

The Department is successfully running a number of talented teachers and performers: Kadyrbekova G. – people's artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ermekov R. – the Honored worker of RK, Baisakalova A. – Honored worker of RK, Nesipbayev G. – Honored artist of RK, Usenbayeva G. – the Honored artist of RK, Professors Ibraeva V., Massover S., Nurlanova G., docents Vertkova L., Aigalkayeva B., Kurambaeva G., candidate of art history and docents  Muhitova A. and Tleubergenov A., teachers Nesipbayev A., Romanenko A., Khiduanova J., and young talented pianists, laureates of international competitions – Akshpekova L., Dyussembayeva R., Gavrilenko I. and Sepp M.    

The high professional level of the teaching staff allowed to prepare a number of talented students for participation in international competitions: Nesipbaev, A., Romanenko A., Toktagan А., Fasylov S., Nurtazin Е., Kim S., Kozhahmetova Zh., Akshpekova L. and many others.   

At the Department, creative contacts of teachers and students with representatives of piano art – masters from abroad (France, Germany, USA, Italy, Switzerland, etc.), as well as near (Russia) are constantly activated.

The most important milestone in the work of the Department was the creation and implementation of an international project – the international piano competition in Almaty. The geography of the competition and forms of creative interaction are expanding each time: these are master classes of teachers of the KNC, teachers of the Moscow state Conservatory after named Tchaikovsky and the St. Petersburg Conservatory, and interesting concerts of guest artists from around the world.

A great impetus for the flowering of creative pedagogical thought, its development was the activity of the head of the piano Department – Professor V. Ibraeva. In a difficult time for all teachers of the Department of economic difficulties, pushed the problems of art in the country into the background, she was able to save and really help to reveal the creative potential of teachers of the Department. Various methods of teaching, mediated by the difference of creative individuality of teachers of the Department, United thanks to the flexibility and dedication of the head in a soldered, mobile professional team.

Since 2022 I. Gavrilenko has been appointed acting chair.

Starting with modest steps in 1944, the piano Department has passed almost 75 years a long and difficult path of development. Today we can say with confidence that the Department has a rich past, a beautiful present and a great future.



Ibrayeva Venera – professor

Kadyrbekova Gulzhamilya – Professor

Nesipbayev A. T. – Professor, Honored Artist of Kazakhstan

Uzenbayeva Gulzhan – Professor, Honored worker of Kazakhstan

Baisakalova Arita – Docent, Honored worker of Kazakhstan

Ermekov Rustem – Docent, Honored worker of Kazakhstan

Svetlana Massover – professor

Nurlanova Gulnara – professor

Vertkova Lyudmila – Docent

Aigalkayeva Botagoz – Docent

Kurambayeva Gulnara – Docent
Тleubergenov Arman – Docent, candidate of art, PhD
Romanenko Alexsandr – teacher
Akshpekova L. A. – senior lecturer
Dussembayeva Rabiga – senior lecturer
Gavrilenko I. A. – senior lecturer, executor of duties of the head of the department
Sepp M. Ya. – teacher
Nesipbayev Gabit – teacher
Stanislav Khegai – senior lecturer
Cherkasov Arkady – teacher