Ivan Vasilyevich Kruglykhin

The first rector of higher education institution (appointed in August, 1944), experienced teacher and talented organizer, one of eminent persons of music education of the Republic. Having passed the position of rector to the successor A. K. Zhubanov in 1945, I. V. Kruglykhin will again head Conservatory during the period from 1951 to 1957. These are the years foundation of Conservatory was laid. Public recognition of Conservatory became the main achievement of I. V. Kruglykhin. In 1955 he issued the first education guidance on solfeggio with use of the Kazakh pieces of music.

For achievements in the organization and development of music education of Kazakhstan I. V. Kruglykhin was awarded by medals and the Award "Order of the Badge of Honor".

Ahmet Kuanovich Zhubanov

The rector of Conservatory from December, 1945 to November, 1951. The scientist-ethnographer, musicologist, composer, conductor, teacher, publicist, musical public figure, one of the founders of professional music education in the Republic, the experienced and vigorous head-organizer – these were sides of his talent. Among his merits on enhancement of activities of Conservatory: organization of an office for studying folk music, experimental workshop for enhancement of the Kazakh tools and department of national tools.

Awards and ranks: The honored artist of the republic (1936), the People's artist of the Kazakh SSR (1944), the Award of "the Labour Red Banner (1946)", the letter of the Supreme Council of KAZSSR (1954), the medal "For Development of Virgin Lands" (1956), "Order of Lenin" (1961), an award of Ch. Valikhanov (1968).

Quddus Hodzhamyarovich Kuzhamyarov

He headed Conservatory from 1957 to 1967. Quddus Kuzhamyarov is the first professional Uigur composer, the author of numerous symphonies, operas, chamber works. The most important achievements of K.Kh.Kuzhamyarov as the rector were strategically verified human resources policy, a significant strengthening of the material-technical base (construction of a new academic building on K.Bayseitova Street, the new dormitory building, the construction of the concert hall with the installation of organ, opening of opera studio, graduate school, and sound recording office).

Awards and ranks: medal "For a Victory over Germany" (1947), State award of USSR (1951), "Order of Lenin" (1959), "Order of the Badge of Honor" (1961), medal "Excellent Worker" of Ministry of culture of the USSR (1964), Award of "the Labour Red Banner (1971)", honorary title People's artist of KAZSSR (1973), Award of "The October revolution" and medal "For Excellent Progress in Work" (1978), medal "Veteran of Work" (1980), State award of KAZSSR (1984), honorary title People's artist of the USSR (1987).

Erkegali Rakhmadiyevich Rakhmadiyev

From March, 1967 to June, 1975 the eminent public figure of the Republic, composer having wide experience of creative, scientific and organizational work becomes the rector. Under the leadership of E.R.Rakhmadiyev opera studio received a new boost for the development. The state's first organ was installed during his period. In accordance with new rector’s initiative, a special class of a kyl-kobyz was opened in Conservatory. It was taught by famous national musicians. The Conservatory became known outside the country, it conducted an active cooperation with various musical organizations.

Awards and ranks: the medal "For Valorous Work in days of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." (1947), the Award of "the Labour Red Banner (1971)", the People's artist of KAZSSR (1975), the State award of KAZSSR, the People's artist of the USSR (1981), the Award of "Friendship of the people"(1982), a medal of the State of Pennsylvania (USA) for outstanding achievements in art.

Gaziza Akhmetovna Zhubanova

She was the rector of the Conservatory from June, 1975 to February, 1987. She is an influential Kazakh composer, the master of symphonic style. The years of her activities as the rector were marked by many achievements of a collective: creative contacts with Moscow, Tashkent, Azerbaijan, Riga and other conservatories became more active, creative trips of big delegations (up to 300 people) to Moscow took place. Exchange concerts in Tashkent and Baku, students’ performances in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania were organized. There were first winners of prestigious international, all-Union and republican contests.

Awards and titles: the medal "For Labor Merit" (1959), Diploma of Supreme Court of the Kazakh SSR (1961), diplomas of All-Union review of young composers’ creativity (1960, 1962), Lenin Komsomol Prize (1964), Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR Art (1965), First degree diploma of All-Union review of theaters in Moscow for the ballet "The Legend of the white bird", the State Award of the Kazakh SSR and a medal "For Valiant Labor" (1970), silver medal named after A.V.Aleksandrova for "Heroic poem" and "Festive overture" ( 1973), People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR (1973), the Order of "Friendship of peoples" (1977), People's Artist of the USSR (1981), the Order "Red Banner of Labor" (1988).

Dyuysen Kurabayevich Kaseinov

He was the rector of the Conservatory from February, 1987 to March, 1997. Dyuysen Kurabayevich Kaseinov was the first rector - the instrumentalist contractor. His extensive organizing experience allowed keeping the base of Conservatory in the most economically hard time. He acted as the initiator of implementation of vocational performing school on sybyzgy into the educational process, he initiated the department of "National singing", he included elements of ethnopedagogics in training of dombrists, he opened the department of "The organization and planning of concert and theatrical activities", he also upgraded the folklore office (transformed it to research folklore laboratory) and re-opened "Stories of the Kazakh Music and Folklore" department.

Awards and titles: "The excellent student of national education of KAZSSR", "The honored worker of arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan", the medal "Astana" and the Award "Kurmet".

Zhaniya Yakhiyaevna Aubakirova

In April, 1997 the outstanding pianist, the laureate of international competitions, professor Zh. Ya. Aubakirova becomes the rector. Main strategic priorities: updating state standards of the higher music education, increasing the prestige of Conservatory in Kazakhstan and beyond its boundaries, strengthening of material and technical resources. Concert and international activity of higher education institution is stirred up during the years of activities as the rector. Efficiency of the head was shown in regeneration of the park of musical instruments and expansion of the areas through transfer of the former building of the Ministry of Communications to Conservatory and construction of new concert hall with unique design and acoustic parameters.

Awards and titles: an honorary title of People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1991), the Award "Literatures and Arts of France" (1998), the Award "Parasat" (2009) , the independent award "Platinum Tarlan" (2001), and  the State award of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2002).