The book fund of the Conservatory is the largest musical library of The Republic of Kazakhstan and formed by the specialties of preparation of the university, so it is fully consistent with its profile.
Currently the library fund has more than 218 094 thousand copies. The publications presented in the fund are diverse: notes, popular science literature on art, books, periodicals on music, reference books - musical dictionaries, encyclopedias, unpublished materials - dissertations, graduation works.
The greatest value are the first music editions of Kazakhstan, preserved in our library. The fund of rare books also contains collections of foreign publishers of the year 1882.
In 2016 the SILS staff developed the project “A unique KNC(Kazakh National Conservatory) music library named after Kurmangazy - an open educational resource” and applied to the UNESCO Participation Program for 2016-2017, supervised by the National Commission for UNESCO and ISESCO in Kazakhstan. For this project a financial support was received by UNESCOin 2017. The project is aimed to protect, preserve the existing music fund and provide the public with access to the richest musical resources of the Conservatory on various data storage media.
               According to the results of the project, rare musical editions were digitized, bound and restored. Methodical recommendations on binding, restoration and digitization of library funds were created and distributed among the music libraries of Kazakhstan.
    The public has been granted access to digitized rare editions online -
Since 2015 the library has been taking part in the international bibliographic project RILM (Repertoire International de Literature Musicale) where it supplies information about the country's musical life, scientific articles on music written by teachers of the conservatory.RILM contains over 800,000 documents in 215 languages ​​from 151 countries.
In December 2013 the library began to digitize the library fund, that is, to form a collection of music publications on electronic media.
ScanMaster-1 and ScanMaster-2 scanners were purchased to effectively digitize music editions of the required format, computers, and specialized software.
Due to reconstruction and modernization of the scientific reading room carried out in 2013, the necessary conditions for independent work for users were created.There is an access to the Electronic catalog, full-text databases, Internet resources, including free world-wide music resources.
As of today, the Electronic Library of the Conservatory has 13703 titles, of which 3383 are in Kazakh.

The structure of the library includes:

The Service and Storage Department provides issuance and acceptance of textbooks in 2 points: a subscription and a reading room located in 2 buildings of the conservatory. Provides safety, storage mode, repair/restoration of the library fund; organizes book exhibitions, presentations of new books to help educational and scientific processes.

The department of acquisition and cataloging of literature provides current and retrospective acquisition of the library fund. The department carries out systematization, cataloging, scientific and technical processing of printed publications. Keeps total and individual records of income. Provides maintenance and editing of the electronic catalog, the creation of a service catalog in print. Conducts the card index of the availability of specialties and disciplines.

The department of electronic resources forms the databases of the KNC Electronic Library named after Kurmangazy in accordance with educational and scientific programs. Organizes access to databases (Web of Science, Scopus, ScienceDirect, etc.), provides information and bibliographical service. Conducts training seminars/trainings on registration and search in databases and events on the formation of information culture.

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Description of the procedures for access to world-class electronic resources

 List of Agreements on granting access of KNK named after  Kurmangazy to electronic resources of world and republican level