for online entrance exams for applicants by educational program group

7М02104-Traditional music art

Specialization: Folk instruments

(Dombyra,sherter,dombyra – prima, bas dombyra

Sazsirnai, zhetigen, sibizgy  )



The total duration of an individual program is 20-30 minutes:

1. A large work of a foreign composer of the classical genre, accompanied by a piano.

2. Kui, which is executed in a simple impulse (calm nature)

3. Kui, which is performed in the style of shertpe.

4. Fast, pace cu, demonstrating the technical capabilities of the artist.

5. One cuy of modern composers.


Sherter ,dombyra – prima, bas dombyra:

The total duration of an individual program is 20-30 minutes:

1. A large-scale work (Concert, Sonata).
2. The virtuoso work of Russian composers.
3. The work of a foreign (Western Europe) composer in the character of cantilena.
4. The work of the Kazakh composer.
5. One cuy (for sherter)


                                Sazsirnai, zhetigen, sibizgy:

The total duration of an individual program is 20-30 minutes:
1. The work of large form (sonata 1 or 2,3, sections)
2. The work of a foreign composer, demonstrating the minor technical capabilities of the performer.
3. The work of the Kazakh composer dedicated to sazsyrnai.
4. Two different (slow and fast rhythmic) kui.
Requirements for admission of creative entrance exams in the specialty in the mode (online).
Attention of applicants!!! 
1. The contractor must upload the video version of the program (without editing, without backup, without additional audio network) to the You Tube channel and send the link to the technical secretary via WhatsApp to this phone number (87013282713).
2. The exam is taken according to the submitted serial number of the document. 
3. It is important to write down in the record (description) the name of the applicant, educational institution, phone number, name of accompanist, list of names of the full program. 
4. It is forbidden to turn the video off and on again during the shooting.!
requirements for video recording. Technical
1. Video recordings of applicants must be of good quality (the applicant is responsible for the sound quality of the sent video recording), at an average distance, visually good
visible arms, legs, and overall statement of the performer.
2. You must play along with the audio version of the song sent by the accompanist (you can play with your accompanist)
3. The uniform must be in accordance with the exam.
4. Evaluation of candidates will be discussed on the ZOOM, Google Meet or Whats App platform, and the total score will be sent to the Executive Secretary.

The Commission has the right to reject a low-quality video recording.

CRITERIA FOR EVALUATION The maximum score for a creative exam in a specialty is 35 points. The minimum passing score is 9.

27-35 points (excellent)

17-26 points (good)

9-16 points (satisfactory)

0-8 points (unsatisfactory)