Folk singing



for online entrance exams for applicants by educational program group

7М02104-Traditional music art

Specialization: Folk instruments

(Halyk ani)


Halyk ani:


1. Five songs of traditional professional composers.

2. Two folk songs.

3. Two songs of other regional traditions (traditions Arka, Batys, Zhetysu, Syr).

4. The work of the Kazakh composer


Attention of applicants!!! Entrants ' videos must be of good quality (the entrant is responsible for the sound quality of the sent video), at an average distance, visually clearly visible hands, feet, and overall performance of the performer. The form of clothing must correspond to the exam. The video must be uploaded to the YouTube channel, and a link must to be sent to this phone number (87013282713).


The Commission has the right to reject a low-quality video recording.

CRITERIA FOR EVALUATION The maximum score for a creative exam in a specialty is 35 points. The minimum passing score is 9.

27-35 points (excellent)

17-26 points (good)

9-16 points (satisfactory)

0-8 points (unsatisfactory)