The history of the wind orchestra is inextricably linked with outstanding musicians which led the orchestra at different times. This orchestra was led by incredible conductors like professor Kanat Ahmetov ( Honored artist of Kazakhstan) and  professor Alexandr Fedianin (Honored worker of arts of Kazakhstan). Currently, the Conservatory's  wind orchestra is in charge of  Murat Bissengaliyev ("Madeniet kairakeri") , Senior Teacher of Wind and Percussion Instruments' Department. Under the leadership of  Murat Bissengaliyev the orchestra regularly participates in all activities of the conservatory, city ​​festivals,  festive concerts and also gives concerts in many cities of the country. In the repertoire of the orchestra are famous works of Kazakh composers like Adil Bestybayev, Tles Kazhgaliyev, Erkegali Rakhmadiyev as well as famous world classics,  jazz compositions, dance opuses and  Latin American hits.

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