1. On the training subscription, book and musical publications are issued, but at the same time, control, rare, single copies are not issued to readers.
2. The reader receives the necessary literature for 30 calendar days, or for one semester (depending on demand). Readers can, in accordance with the established procedure, extend the period of use of the taken publications if there is no demand for them from other readers.
3. For the use of literature beyond the established period, the reader receives a warning, and then loses the right to use the subscription for a period of 1 month.
4. When receiving books and other materials from the library fund, the reader is obliged to carefully examine the publications and, if any defects are found, inform the librarian about it, otherwise the reader who used the last edition is liable for damage to the publications.
5. For each copy of the publication received on the subscription, the reader signs and puts the date on the book form. The book form is a document certifying the fact of issuance and delivery of the publication.
6. The issuance of book and music publications stops 15 minutes before closing.


1.     When ordering literature in the reading room, readers present a library card, fill out a reader's request, and, upon receipt of publications, sign on a book or music form.
2.  Attention! It is forbidden to take literature out of the reading rooms. In case of violation of this rule, readers may be deprived of the right to use the library for a period of 1 month.
3. Encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals and other publications of the auxiliary fund are issued for use only in the reading room.
4.  Attention! Copying book and music publications of the 2nd half of the 19th - 1st half of the 20th century is prohibited due to the possibility of text destruction. You can get acquainted with them in electronic format.
5. Before leaving the reading room, the reader must return all publications.
6. The issuance of publications in the reading room stops 15 minutes before closing.


1. To use the electronic room of the Library, it is enough for the user to present a library card to the librarian (first-year students present an identity card before receiving a library card).
2. The user has the right to receive advice from the library staff on working with computers and searching for the necessary information, use the programs available on the computer.
3. Use only for educational, scientific and research purposes full-text documents from your own or acquired electronic databases and the electronic catalog of the library by reading the document from the monitor screen.
4. Undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers can familiarize themselves with dissertations by written agreement with the vice-rector for scientific and creative activities and international cooperation of the Conservatory without the right to copy, photograph and take out of the storage room.
5. Get acquainted with undergraduate theses, dissertations of undergraduates and doctoral students in PDF format by reading the document in electronic and in the traditional version.
6. Familiarize yourself with rare publications in PDF format in the Virtual Library of Rare Books of the KNK named after Kurmangazy by reading the document in electronic form.
7. In order to ensure the safety of funds and respect for copyright, dissertations, rare, valuable books, control copies, encyclopedias are not subject to copying.
8. When using computers in the electronic room, immediately inform the library staff about errors or failures in programs and computer equipment. When finished, close all programs and tidy up the workplace. Programs and user files are not saved.
9. It is not allowed:
- to change the configuration and parameters of the computer;
- install new programs;
- touch the wires and their connections;
- connect or disconnect any equipment;
- use flash drives, disks;
- use electrical outlets at the places of work with a computer and a computer for chargers;
- use access to the Internet for commercial purposes and view information that violates the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- download audio and video information, software products from the Internet;
- enter dating sites, games and other sites that are not related to training sessions;
- use full-text documents from own or acquired electronic databases and electronic catalog for commercial purposes;
10. Work with computers stops 15 minutes before closing.
11. Turning on, turning off and restarting computers and additional equipment (copier) is performed only by the librarian.