Advanced training and additional education

Department for advanced studies and additional education


The Department of Advanced Education of Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory carries out activities in the field of postgraduate education with the purpose of improvement of qualifications of primary, secondary and senior levelteachers working in musical education institutions, as well as of members of musical ensembles of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

If you see your child as a future sophisticated, sensitive, intelligent person, then bring him to the Center for Musical Education at the Conservatory. The place where anyone can fully comprehend the nature of music. The place where music reigns.

Studying process in the center is diverse:

1.     Musical complex: specialty, solfeggio, musical literature, choir;

2.     General complex: specialty, solfeggio, musical literature, choir, visual arts, acting;

3.     Single specialty - for example, only vocals.

Age requirement for children admission is to be at least 6 years old (the period of study is 5-7 years). Adolescents have special program - “A course for youth and young people” (3-year studying period), and adults - “Studying program for adults” (without age and duration limits).

You will be taught by the most experienced professionals of the conservatoire, and it is unique opportunity to envision vast legacy of global musical culture. You shall experience bright and creative concerts, competitions and entertaining gatherings.

Our students are annually nominated as laureates of various city-level, republican and international competitions as well as get accepted by the top art colleges and universities.

A complex of programs has been developed that are aimed at satisfying the professional needs of musical art workers in all types of activities.

Currently, the Department of Advanced Education offers the following programs:

·        ‘Author’s course’ program, 72 hours (10 days) – 48 750 KZT (specialty teaching methods)

·        ‘Specialty’ program, 180 hours (30 days) – 118 625 KZT

·        ‘Training’ program, 120 hours (1 year) – 313 625 KZT



Head of                                                                                                                                        Ainakulova Zhanat Tolegenovna

Department for advanced studies

and additional education


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