The Student Symphonic Orchestra

Student Symphony orchestra of the Kazakh national Conservatory named after Kurmangazy was established in 1946, its first leader was Konstantin Iosifovich Babayev. In different years the orchestra was headed by L. M. Shargorodsky, F. sh. Mansurov, G. Gotseridze, V. D. Rutter, K. T. Mynbaev, A. T. Abdrashev, R. S. Salavatov, N. With. Gerasov, A. I. Nusupbaev. Since 2018, the orchestra has been headed by Yerbolat Akhmedyarov.

Over the years, the orchestra has been a regular participant in the reporting concerts of the Conservatory in Moscow, successfully performed at such famous concert venues as the great hall of the Tchaikovsky Moscow state University, the hall of columns, adequately represented the art of Kazakhstan in the homeland of Tchaikovsky (Klin).

With the orchestra of the soloists have included such famous artists as V. Tretyakov, T. Grindenko, Kremer, N. Petrov, A. Sevidov, the leading Kazakh musicians Basaev D., Yu Gluskin, Z. Aubakirova, A. Musakhodzhayeva, G. Murzabekova.

In the concerts of the orchestra of the Symphony sounded. Brahms and L. Beethoven, G. Mahler, and D. Shostakovich, the Mass of the composer and "Carmine," K. Orff, "Symphonic dances" by S. Rachmaninoff and preludes of Liszt, works by E. Denisov and B. Tishchenko, the works of Kazakh authors.

In 1989, on the basis of the Alma-ATA student Symphony orchestra, on the initiative of the rector of the Conservatory D. K. Kaseinov, an inter-Orchestra was created, which included representatives of the conservatories of Kazakhstan, the republics of Central Asia, the Urals. Soloists were made by R. aharonian, M. Seckler, Zh. Aubakirova, G. Murzabekova. The creative process of joint rehearsals and concerts brought together students from different countries, gave birth to true friendship and mutual understanding.

In the framework of a joint project of KNK named after Kurmangazy and the Paris National Conservatoire of music and dance 2000 – 2005 worked with the student orchestra French conductor K. Manga, H. Kruger, A. and F. Flamer Tehericsen. They have prepared large and varied programs from the works of Western European composers from the Haydn to the modern compositions of the Prime Minister And the Beethoven. For the first time in Kazakhstan, the 3rd Symphony by K. Saint-saëns, "Summer nights" by G. Berlioz, "Adagio" by G. Leke, "Pavane" by G. fauré were performed.

A new page in the history of the student Symphony orchestra of the Kurmangazy KNK was opened in 2005, when the organizers of the international festival of youth orchestras "YOUNG.EURO.CLASSIC " (Berlin) invited the Kazakh national Conservatory to take part in this very representative forum along with orchestras of eighteen countries, which originated the beginning of the European stage of development of the orchestra. This was followed by concerts in London at the Barbican hall (2006) and a tour of Italy (2007).

In 2007, the student Symphony orchestra of the Kurmangazy KNK was headed by young German conductor Jan Moritz Onken. Under his leadership, has performed the 1st Symphony of Mahler, "the Firebird" and "rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky. In August 2008, the orchestra took part in the festival "YOUNG.EURO.CLASSIC "(Berlin) and made a tour of Germany in the framework of the festival "Kultursommer Nordhessen".

Today, the student Symphony orchestra of the Kurmangazy KNK lives a concert activity. The student Symphony orchestra is full of plans and is ready to storm new heights of concert performance.