International research and practice Conference THE ART OF PERFORMANCE: HISTORY, METHODS AND PRACTICE





April 9, 2019


International research and practice Conference



In 2019 the 75 anniversary of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatoire the leading institution of musical high education in Kazakhstan, will be celebrated. The International conference on the performing art will be dedicated to pedagogy and artistic activities of outstanding representatives of Kazakhstan and world culture, to the questions of interpretation of musical works and to the methods of research in the area.

Teachers, applicants, doctoral candidates, undergraduates and all interested persons are invited to participate.

The purpose of the conference is to present multifaceted priorities for the development of performing arts in Kazakhstan and abroad. Main directions of the conference:


·        Contribution of outstanding musicians to the development of performing arts and music education in Kazakhstan

·        Education problems of a performing musician

·        Problems of modern solo, ensemble and orchestral performance

·        Composer – performer: questions of interpretation and interaction


These questions direct but do not limit possible subject of the report. Sessions, master-classes and concerts will be held within the framework of the conference. Conference languages: Kazakh, English and Russian. Participation is possible in following forms: the report within the session (or sessions) or poster presentation as an extramural participation.

The application must be submitted to the Organizing Committee until March 4, 2019. It should include following information (in a separate file or in the body of the letter): the title of the report, full name of the participant, academic degree, rank, place of work or study, telephone number, e-mail address. Students, undergraduates and doctoral students also need to indicate their scientific adviser / consultant full name, degree, academic title and position. The text of the report should be attached to the application (see the requirements for registration in the annex). It is planned to publish a collection before the conference.

Organizational fees are not provided. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject applications that do not correspond to the theme of the conference, norms of scientific or creative ethics, or requirements for the reports. All participants, whose reports and/or artworks are accepted in the program, will be awarded certificates.

Travel and accommodation are paid by the sending party.


Address: 050000, Almaty, Abylai khan Ave., 86. Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory.

E-mail:       Tel. +7(727)261-6364

Requirements for reports

The report for publication shouldn’t exceed 15 thousand characters. Format: document in Microsoft Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 (with the extension *.doc, *.docx, *.rtf); font – Times New Roman, 12 pt in the main text, 10 pt – in the footnotes. Footnotes page-posing with using the footnote option (ctrl + alt + f) in the MsWord. Please do not use endnotes. Line spacing single, all margins – 2 cm, full justification.

Paragraphs 1.25 cm indented (but not using tabs or spaces), paragraph spacing – usual, scriptal marcs with italics. Headlines – UPPERCASE letters (centered). Before heading the NAME and SURNAME of the author italics conventional lowercase with affiliation, city and country below. Annotation of 100 words with short identification of subject, methods and results of the research should be placed before the main text. Annotations should be presented in three languages.

Subtitles – bold. Tonality should be written in Latin: C-dur, g-moll (or C major, G minor), names of sounds – italicized: h, G, a2. Musical examples, diagrams and figures should be inserted in the main text, as well as attached as separate files in any graphic formats (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, etc.).

The article should be concluded with an automatically numbered bibliography (with the “References” heading). References to the mentioned sources should be placed in the text in square brackets specifying ordinal number of the source in the list of references and page number separated by comma (examples: [17, 25], [3, 36]).

Authors of articles are responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information, quotations, references and bibliographies.

Articles irrelevant to the topic of the conference and the above described requirements are not allowed for publication.

Text of the report and application for participation in the conference should be sent only in the electronic version at: Deadline for submission of full texts is March, 4, 2019.


Organising Committee: Begembetova G.Z., Sagimbaev N.E., Keshubaeva D.E., Erzhumanova L.S., Maximcheva Ya.S.


Contact phone: +7(727)261-6364


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