Music Education

І. Creative examination on the specialty

The first creative examination consists of two stages:

1 stage: performance of 2 works of the applicant's choice on the instrument (piano, bayan, dombyra, etc.), performance of vocal music on his/her own accompaniment (folk song, romance, aria, etc.).

2 stage: colloquium – captures questions on the biography and creative work of the composers whose works were performed the program (characteristics of the composer's style, genre, and work).

ІІ. Creative examination on Musical and Theoretical disciplines (elementary theory of music, solfeggio)

The elementary theory of music – in oral format with provision of examination tickets and game of sequences (questions comply with the program of musical college).

Solfeggio – in paper format (the monothematic dictation with deviations in a tonality of the I degree of propinquity including these rhythmic difficulties: syncopation, triplets, etc.).

ІІІ. Complex testing of the applicant

For participation in complex (integrated?) testing the applicant should submit an application on the prescribed form along with the receipt of payment for the test to an Admissions Committee of Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory; those who have passed the test will receive a special badge with a photo. The testing will capture the following subjects:

  • History of Kazakhstan
  • Kazakh or Russian Language at the choice of the applicant.

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