Kanseitov Samat

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     Tеl: +7 (727) 338 22 52



1991-1995 years Shymkent music college. Specialty: dombyra; 

1995-1999 years «Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University

Specialty: The cultural leisure work organizer and Art-manager

1999-2003 years Kurmangazy Kazakh national conservatory (Excellence diploma). Specialty: Instrumental soloist, orchestra artist,   teacher (sybyzgy, shankobyz, saz-syrnai); 

2000-2002 years N.Tlendiyev State Folklore-Ethnographic Orchestra «Otyrar sazy» as a member of an orchestra ( sybyzgy, shankobyz); 

2002-2004 years Asfendiyarov Kazakh national medical university, Head of amateur art activities 

2004-2010 years work in a creative group ( Tours to all regions of Kazakhstan and abroad. Russia, Iran, Turkey, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan ).

2010-2013 years work on different cultural projects:

-   Music in the documentary drama "Abai" (five series);

-   Music in a documentary film about the life and work of writer Dulat Isabekov "Isabekov Alemi";

-   Editing and printing notes and lyrics in the collection «The clavir of 100 popular songs of Kazakhstan composers»;

-   Music editor at the festival of Turkic music "Astana-Arkau";

-   And other projects:

2013-2018 years Music editor at the TV channels like “Khabar” and “Knowledge and Culture”; 

2014-2016 years Music editor in the programs “Gasyrlar pernesi”, “Dala Aueni”, “Shygarmashylyk kesh” 

2016-2018 years Solo-instrumentalist and music editor in the folk-ethnographic ensemble "Sazgen Sazy"; 

Since September 2018, Head of the Media Department, Press Secretary of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory.


Main activities of the Department for work with the mass media:

1) Enlightment of the Conservatory's activities in the media, its dissemination the media channels, external communications;

2) Informing the students, faculty and staff on the most important projects and events of the Conservatory;

3) Maintenance of Conservatory website, Conservatory profiles in social networks.