ELENA ASHKENAZY Laureate of International Competitions
"I'm absolutely shocked by unusual atmosphere that prevails in the Conservatory! And all this thanks to the incredible energy, talent and personal charm of Rector - Zhaniya Aubakirova!
Thank you for everything! I wish you a huge success!".

Elena Ashkenazy

Elena Davidovna Ashkenazy is a famous pianist.
In 1975 she graduated from the Gnessin Institute in Moscow. As a student of Gnessin Institute, she has won many international and national piano competitions as a soloist and member of chamber ensemble.
Since 1976 E.Ashkenazy performs in many cities of the USSR and abroad - in Poland, Yugoslavia, Finland, Germany, Austria, Spain, France and Japan with solo concerts as well as in collaboration with renowned musicians Gregory and Valentin Feigin. The pianist combines her concert activity with teaching at the Central Music School at the Moscow Conservatory. Since 1995 she is a visiting professor at the Academy of Music in Tokyo Muzashino.
Elena Ashkenazy often performs as part of a piano duo with her son Vladimir Ashkenazy-Sverdlov and Sachiko Nakamura-Koch. She participates in master classes in Europe and in many Japanese cities. Many of her students have won international competitions and Japanese competitions.
DINA YOFFE Laureate of International Competitions
"Many thanks for the cordial welcome and excellent atmosphere that reigns in the beautiful city of Almaty.
Thanks to the incredible energy and great charm of Zhaniya Aubakirova, we were immersed in an atmosphere of music, warmth and hospitality!
Until we meet again… "

Dina Yoffe

Dina Yoffe Genohovna - pianist and participant of many chamber music festivals, where she performed with many famous musicians - Gidon Kremer, Yuri Bashmet, V. Tretyakov, V. Repin, M. Weimann, M. Brunello et al.
She holds numerous master classes in France, Germany, at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Since 2000, she is a visiting professor at the Summit Music Festival in New York.
She is a visiting professor at master classes of Yamaha in Paris, New York, Hamburg and Tokyo.
She is a member of the jury of international piano competitions in Cleveland (United States, Hamamatsu (Japan), Chopin Contest (Warsaw, Poland), Maria Canals Contest (Barcelona, Spain), Liszt Contest (Weimar), etc.
Her students are winners of national and international piano competitions. Many of them teach at music academies in the United States, Japan and Europe.
Currently she is a Professor at the International Academy of Anton Rubinstein (Germany).
Dina Yoffe did numerous recordings on radio, TV, as well as commercial albums. Among her recordings - 24 Preludes by Chopin, Schumann's Symphonic Etudes, Kreisleriana and many others.

IGOR KOTLYAREVSKY Professor of Moscow Conservatory
"Thank you so much for the warm welcome and attentiveness! So many wonderful experiences and meetings... Everything is painted by the wonderful Almaty sun, good talented young people with inquisitive eyes wanting to hear something interesting, new, and alive. I would love our warm musical meetings to become an ongoing tradition. After all, the good and the high should not be interrupted. I wish all of you – good health and creative accomplishments!"

Igor Kotlyarevsky

Igor Leonidovich Kotlyarevsky is a pianist, Professor of department of concertmastership art of Moscow Conservatory.
Work in vocal classes is combined with concert work and performances with the famous soloists-instrumentalists and singers: I. Arkhipova, V. Chernov, D. Hvorostovsky, A. Brusilovsky, N. Erasova, E. Revich, M. Gotsdiner and many others.
Solo addictions of Kotlyarevsky lie in the field of romantic music of F. Chopin, R. Schuman, F. Liszt, S. Rachmaninov, A. Scriabin, N. Metner and others.
He constantly performs with solo concerts in Small and Rakhmaninovsky halls of the Moscow conservatory, in various cities of Russia, the FSU and far-abroad countries (France, Germany, Japan, and Korea).

"I am always incredibly pleased to meet with my dear friends at Almaty Conservatory once again. It is great that you still resume the nice traditions existing from the very first days of your remarkable university.
Almaty is a warm city where High Art has always prospered!
I wish health and strength to you! "

Sergey Kravchenko

Sergey Ivanovich Kravchenko is the Honored artist of RSFSR, professor of the orchestral department of Moscow Conservatory.
The laureate of prestigious International competitions of Paganini in Genoa, of M. Long and G. Thibaut in Paris, the International competition of the string quartets in Liege, Belgium. Since 1969 he started his active concert activity, and since 1972 his pedagogical activity began at Moscow Conservatory. Sergey Kravchenko conducted his own class, combining it with his position as an assistant of Professor Leonid Kogan. He gives concerts in the large cities of Russia and in many countries of the world: Poland, Germany, France, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, Turkey, Finland, USA, South and North Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Taiwan, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Israel, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Australia. His students are winners of the international competitions.

ROMAN YUSIPEY Laureate of the International Competitions
"I am fascinated, touched, and in love!
Thanks to Kazakhstan, Almaty, and Conservatory for a happy opportunity to visit your beautiful land, to become acquainted with high culture, to dream and work together over the common music ideals!
I wish to teachers, students – happiness, prosperity, growth and great patience!
We will overcome everything with it!"

Roman Yusipey

R. Yusipey is the scholarship holder of Public Fund "Russian Performing Art" and Charity foundation of Yehudi Menuhin. He is the laureate of the IX International Premio di Montese competition, I International Golden Accordion competition. He is the judge of the international competition of accordion players in Lanchano (Italy). R. Yusipey carried out over 50 concert performances with conductors R. Coffman, V. Sirenko, B. Kotorovich, P. Tovstukhoy, V. Runchak, V. Sivokhip, S. Velyanik as a soloist. He actively cooperates with modern composers.
ALEXANDER HARUTO Associate professor of Moscow Conservatory
"It is my first time in Kazakhstan and Almaty, and this conservatory. It was very pleasant to feel the warm and interested welcome, and feel interest in new knowledge. I wish to staff of conservatory a progress in development both traditional, and new directions of researches in the boundless sea of music science".

Haruto Alexander Vitalyevich

Haruto Alexander Vitalyevich is a Candidate of Technical Sciences, the associate professor of the department of musical-informational technologies of Moscow Conservatory.
Spheres of activity:
• teaching the course "Musical informatics"
• development of programs for the computer analysis of canned music (research of the melodic drawing and timbre features)
• development of databases and programs of data processing for computer researches in social sciences
The author of the textbook (2000) and training program for performers (2005) of the course "Musical informatics". He has more than 70 published works.
He is engaged in scientific, educational and organizational activities.
IRINA BERKOVICH Laureate of International Competitions
"At the present time it is difficult to support high traditions of the past and therefore communication with musicians (of different age) who HONESTLY live in music is especially valuable.
This communication – achievement of adults and young people.

Irina Berkovich
Irina Berkovich graduated from the Moscow Conservatory (a class of professor Yakov Fliyer). In 1980 became the Laureate of the International competition of J.S. Bach in Leipzig then began to perform with solo concerts, chamber ensembles and orchestras in countries of Eastern Europe. Performance of a cycle from nine concerts devoted to Bach's music became one of important points of the creative biography of Irina Berkovich. It includes 48 preludes and fugues, all clavier concerts, "Goldberg-variations" and other works of the German composer. This series of concerts took place in Moscow. Irina Berkovich's performances with the leading orchestras and conductors were broadcasted and recorded by TV and radio companies. The pianist performed with the best instrumentalists; many chamber compositions were written by composers especially for her.
PETRAS GENIUŠAS Lithuanian pianist, Professor of Vilnius Conservatory
"A month has passed like a moment ... everyone - students, teachers, assistants, attendants have become like a family to me.
And of course the head - Zhaniya Aubakirova - she knows how to breathe life into everything, to give everything structure and a big sense. It was a pleasurable and easy experience to serve music along with my family.
Thank you for your hospitality, and thank you for having such a nature! "

With love and respect,

Petras Geniušas

27. 08.2013
Petras Geniušas - Lithuanian pianist, professor of Vilnius Conservatory. He studied at the Vilnius and Moscow conservatories. Since 1990, he teaches at the Vilnius Conservatory. In 1996-1998 he taught at the London Royal Academy of Music. He is the laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize in the field of culture and art. Petras Geniušas – a laureate of many international competitions and festivals. He is a unique musician, touring not only as a classical pianist, but also acting as a member jazz ensemble and improviser. In addition, the pianist pays attention to holding master classes, in various musical educational institutions of the world.