RINAT IBRAGIMOV A concertmaster of London Symphony Orchestra
It was a pleasant surprise to hear the orchestra of students playing at such a high level. Keep it up! I wish a huge success and victories on the international stage.
Thank you very much for the warm welcome!
I look forward to new meetings!

Yours, Rinat Ibragimov
A soloist of the London Symphony Orchestra.
ELFIYA BURNASHOVA Honoured Worker of the Arts Industry of the Russian Federation and Republic of Tatarstan
I am grateful to fate for the fact that it presented me a meeting with wonderful and talented people working in the Conservatory and other music institutions of Kazakhstan. In my opinion, amazing sincerity and desire to learn something new is peculiar to all people of Kazakhstan. I was bowled over organizational skills of the rector Zhaniya Aubakirova and her team. I really hope that was my presence was helpful. I am already looking forward to meet again!
Professor, Head of Department of Special Piano at the Kazan State Conservatory named after N.G Zhiganova, Honored Worker of the Arts Industry of the Russian Federation and Republic of Tatarstan.
DINA KIRNARSKAYA Professor of Gnesin Russian Academy of music
With huge gratitude and love I wish Conservatory to aspire to new shores. I wish happiness, success and the influx of strength and energy!

Yours, Dina Kirnarskaya

(professor of the Gnesin Russian Academy of music )
Ваша Дина Кирнарская (профессор Российской Академии музыки им.Гнесиных)

NATALIA TRULL A Honored Artist of Russia
Thanks for cordial warm welcome and remarkably creative atmosphere.
There are wonderful children with keen interest in their eyes, so it is important not to let the interest fade away in our time.
I wish you happiness and success.
And more joyful moments in your life!

Sincerely yours,

Natalia Trull
Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory, Honored Artist of Russia
TOLIB-KHON SHAKHIDI People's Artist of Tajikistan
Bravo to the Kazakh Conservatory of Eurasia !!!
Without any exaggeration, what you do - brilliant!

Tajik composer, People's Artist of Tajikistan, Laureate of Rudaki Prize. The son of well-known Tajik composer Ziyodullo Shahidi - the founder of modern classical music of Tajikistan.
PHILIPPA MO A concertmaster of London Symphony Orchestra
Thanks for such a wonderful invitation to spend so unique and nice week in Almaty. These were the days of intense and sometimes hard work. Despite that, together we were able to fully appreciate its results.
I would like to say that we were sincerely welcomed and enjoyed each and every meeting with orchestral players-symphonists. Special thanks for proving us with the opportunity to meet and hear the Kazakh folk instruments - it really was a terrific experience!

Philippa Mo
Концертмейстер Лондонского симфонического оркестра
STANISLAV IGOLINSKY Honored Artist of Russia
I am grateful for the joy of communication. I wish you happiness both in life and work!
BENJAMIN YUSUPOV A composer, pianist, conductor
I was born in Dushanbe and Central Asia has always been a place close to my heart. I think in Kazakhstan and especially in Almaty Conservatory I have found my second Homeland.
I am pleased to know that people here love music and want to do art.
I hope that eventually, I will be proud of the fact that I was here!
Big thanks to Zhaniya Yakhiyaevna and Aktoty Raimkulova for their huge work on the organization of this festival!

Israeli composer, pianist and conductor