Department of Dombra

Educational program for specialty 6B02104 – «Traditional musical art», specialization «Folk Instruments» (Dombra, dombra primra, dombra bass, sherter, folklore instruments) has been implemented in the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory since 1945.

In 1945, the Department of Folk Instruments was opened under the leadership of the founder of the Kazakhstani vocational music school, academician, People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR, Professor A.K. Zhubanov. In its formation, the Department of Kazakh Folk Instruments went through several stages, reflecting the stages of development of the educational activity of traditional musical art from the rank of the department (1945) to the acquisition of the status of the faculty (1980). In the initial period, many famous musicians and teachers worked, who determined the further development of the national musical culture and this specialty - K. Zhantileuov, L. Mukhitov, H. Tastanov, K. Mukhitov, F. Mansurov, B. Sarybaev, M. Aubakirov, A. Eskaliev, T. Mergaliev, S. Kusainov, M. Kalauov and others. This period is characterized by the expansion of the dombra repertoire, decoding and notation of dombra cues, the opening of new specializations (dombra prima, bass dombra).

In 1980, the faculty of folk music was organized, which includes the department of «Dombra», «Kobyz and Accordion», «Orchestral conducting».

From 1980 to 1986 Professor K. Mukhitov was the head of the dombra department, under his leadership the department was able to solve personnel issues, systematize the educational process and develop new curricula, programs and teaching methods. During this period, such bright and talented graduates as K. Sakharbayeva, A. Rayimbergenov, O. Duysenov, B. Iskakov, E. Basykara and S. Burkitov become teachers of the department. The department reaches a new level of professional excellence. Curricula and teaching aids are being actively developed, the concert and performing repertoire of the dombra player is expanded with the original works of Kazakhstan composers K. Kumisbekov, M. Aubakirov, B. Dzhumaniyazov, N. Tlendiev and others.

Since 1986, the department of dombra was headed by Professor A. Zhayimov. During this period, the main attention is paid to the traditional component of the educational repertoire of all specialization of the department, to which sherter and folk singing are added, as well as the deepening of research activities.

In 1991 Professor M. Aubakirov is appointed for the head of the department. He was on this position since 1991 to 1995, who directed his efforts to include in the curriculum transcriptions of the best examples of world classical music, the comprehensive development of orchestra and ensemble music.

In 1995, the leadership of the department was transferred to Professor K. Akhmediyarov, who paid special attention to students of the department on the knowledge of the style features of rare dombra schools. Learning on musical note fixation of kuys “by ear” is being introduced, improvisation and stage skills are being inculcated, and creative contacts are being established with outstanding traditional performers.

From 2007 to 2018 the position of head of the department is performed by associate professor S. Sadykov, who paid special attention to improving the concert repertoire and new curricula for the new training system, as well as organized the opening of a class of folkloric instruments (sazsyrnai, zhetigen, sybyzgy).

From 2019 to 2022, the department was headed by Professor T. Tokzhanov. He continued the trend that had developed before and in 2022 promoted the opening of the section "Three-stringed and folklore instruments". The section is headed by Associate Professor Z. Izmuratova.

Since 2022, the head of the department of «Dombra» is a senior lecturer, an excellent  of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan D.Nurbayeva. Under his leadership Honored Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan B. Iskakov, K. Sakharbaev, N. Ashirov; Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor A. Ulkenbaeva; Candidate of Art history T. Mukushev, Y.Ussenbayev, Cultural figures of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. Raiymbergenov, E. Basykara, Z. Izmuratova, K. Zhumagali; PhD doctor E. Zhamenkeev, an excellent  of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan G. Dalbagay, N. Zhakypbek, S. Kudaibergenova, А.Kenegesov; Masters of Arts B.Igilik, A. Jumagaliyeva, A. Alina, E. Kakezhanov; laureate of the state youth award «Daryn» T.Sadenov and others are working at the department.

     At the present stage, the department of dombra is one of the oldest departments of the Conservatory, which entered the 21st century with rich spiritual experience, invaluable national traditions, passed down from generation to generation and huge creative potential. Over 75 years of its history, the department has become a forge for training unsurpassed performers on folk instruments, nurturing a large galaxy of prominent figures of art and culture - carriers of pronounced national traditions, the preservation of which is a priority. The dombra department brought up soloists of concert organizations, ensemble artists and orchestras, teachers of secondary and higher musical educational institutions.