Department of Wind and Percussion Instruments

    History of the department


The second half of the twentieth century was a time of genuine flourishing of wind and percussion performance in Kazakhstan. Its best representatives, many of whom were educated at higher educational institutions in Moscow and Leningrad, concentrated their activities within the walls of the Kazakh national conservatory named after Kurmangazy. The Department of wind and percussion instruments of the oldest musical University in the country, was formed from such highly professional personnel.

Teachers of the Department successfully combined pedagogical work and concert performances with the systematic development and release of manuals and collections. Such diverse activities have contributed to the active development of the national school of wind instruments, which is confirmed by the high professionalism of awards and prizes received by Kazakh players at the most prestigious national and international competitions (Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Poland, Israel).

The teachers who laid the foundations of professional performing arts in Kazakhstan in the Department's specializations were: I.V. Kruglykhin, I.P. Konoplev, V.G. Dobrovolsky, V.A. Sazontov, P.F. Khomchenko, who relied on the achievements of the Russian school of wind instruments, which, unlike foreign schools, States that music as a living fabric, as a poetic word carries a certain content, which is the performer's responsibility to reveal.

In the 50s, the Department included:A.E.Movsh, P.V.Filatov, U.N.Yusupov, T.B. Musurmankulov, A.B.Bektaev. The main task of teachers was to train highly professional orchestral musicians with a good knowledge of text material, thorough finishing, good command of all technical techniques and strokes.

In the 60s, the Department was supplemented by young teachers: T.G.Tkishev, N.H.Gizatullin, T.K.Nuraly, I.S. Sadulov, R.N. Sabirov, B.A.Aspandiyarov, A.P. Spirin, Yu.S.Klushkin, A.Z. Dimont and I.I. Mook. A veteran of the wind art of the Republic is the people's artist of Kazakhstan, Professor Yu.S. Klushkin.

In the early 70s, the members of the Department included: T.M. Uzbekov, A.Zh. Tuyakbayev, B.A. Amangeldiev, V.A. Knitel and I.Ya. Kaziev.

In the 80s, the Department accepted new teachers: K.A. Zhumakenov, E.K. Nurgaliev, M.Zh. Uteuov, Ya.M. Tkachenko, G.M. Geller, S.T. Salimov, T.Zh. Isenov, G.I. Ismailov, K.M. Akhmetov and A.A. Fedyanin

In the 90 years came to the Department D.N. Remizov, A.G. Denisov, Zh.R. Yermanov, B.T. Abdrashev, I.Yu. Shubin, Y.P. Lukichev, S.A. Dalishev, K.M. Bisengaliev, B.T. Chotanbaev, K.M. Akhmetov.

During the existence of the Department of wind and percussion instruments, highly professional specialists were trained. Among the graduates of the Department are People's and Honored artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored artists, laureates and diploma holders of various competitions.

Currently head of the Department is senior teacher Nesterova O. Under his leadership the Department has experienced teachers and professors as: the national actor of RK – Yu.S.Klushkin, Honored artist of N.K Nuraly, Honored artist of Kazakhstan Fedyanin, A.A., Honored artist of Kazakhstan Uteuov M.J., Honored artist of Kazakhstan Zh.R. Yermanov, associate Professor: Shubin I.Yu., Abdrashev B.T., senior teachers: Bisengaliev M.K., Glebov V.A., teachers: Aigalkaev N.A., Karibaev B.E., Sirotin V.V. Safonov A.V., Zeingalieva Z.Sh., Sagimbayeva A.Zh. Parkhomenko A.E. Ualayev N.T., Isaliev A.T., Botabaev K.T., Imanbayev A.K., Sapabekov T. A.

During the existence of the Department of wind and percussion instruments, a large number of performers-musicians were released, who during their training tested their performing skills on the big stage, at competitions and festivals. There are also various types of events and projects in the field of wind instrument performance that contribute to increasing interest and improving the quality of performing practice.


Pedagogical staff:

Imanbaev A.K. – Head of the Department of Wind and Percussion Instruments, Senior Lecturer
rmanov Zhannat  – professor
Klushkin Yuri  – professor, People's Artist of the RK
Nuraly Tanatar – professor
Fedyanin Alexsander  – professor
Akhmetov Kanat – professor
Uteuov Mukhtar – professor
Igor Shubin – professor
Abdrashev Bakhtiyar – assistant professor
Bisengaliyev Murat – assistant professor
Glebov Viktor – assistant professor
Aigalkayev Nurtas – assistant professor
Karibaev Bekmukhambet – assistant professor
Nesterova Olesya  – Senior Lecturer, Doctor PhD
Safonov Andrey – Senior Lecturer
Sapabekov T.A. – teacher
Botabayev K.T. – teacher
Zeingaliyeva Zukhra – teacher
Parkhomenko Andrey – teacher
Sagimbayeva Aiman – teacher
Ualiyev Nariman – teacher
Iliyas Abdrashev – teacher
Olzhas Satbayev – teacher
Mutan Abaу – teacher